joker scarface

The Joker in DC Comics blockbuster Suicide Squad reminds me of Scarface, more gangster than other versions. Academy Award-winning actor Jared Leto delivered the edgy new take on the Joker. The flamboyant makeup and wardrobe certainly make his performance even more fun and memorable. This movie-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on Leto’s image as the Joker in a black tux, which traces its origin to the classic comics. It features a newly painted head sculpt, newly developed body, finely tailored costume, detailed weapons and accessories, and a specially designed Suicide Squad-themed figure stand with character backdrop.

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Jason Voorhees Figure

The cold-blooded killer of Crystal Lake is on the loose once again, wearing his signature hockey mask. Hunched and holding his blood-soaked machete, Jason lurches over a base decorated with effigies of his most recent teenage victims hidden among gnarled branches. This awesome masterpiece  offers an unmasked portrait of the deformed maniac. The Jason Voorhees Premium Format Figure is a must-have addition for any horror collection!

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netflix horror

Here are some Horror movies on Netflix I recently watched:

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil – It’s a Horror/Comedy. Maybe more on the comedy side. The cast is superb. The plot is fairly simple with a lot of misunderstood situations that take place between Dale and Tucker and their fix-ur-upper vacation home, and some overly critical, unstable college kids. Very original script, good acting (Tucker and Dale are fantastic), and clever direction. I’d give this 4 stars.

Oculus – This had a creative and elaborate story with excellent performances from all it’s cast. The movie starts off slow and methodical and really hits its stride about the half way mark. Oculus combines the supernatural theme with realistic events that keep you on your toes and are definitely able to give you a proper scare. I’d also give this 4 stars.

Carrie (2013 Version) – I remember the 1956 version of the bullying film pretty well, and didn’t see a big “reimagining”. I felt it was almost the exact same movie. It’s not a terrible film, but will make you feel that the remake was completely unnecessary, and adds absolutely nothing. I’d give this 2.5 stars.